Meet the person behind the lens

Hello darling, I'm Julienne

I am a small town dreamer with a sunny disposition and a stormy soul.

I love poetry, old typewriters, and feeling nostalgic. Unearthing love stories is my favorite pastime. I'm the most extroverted introvert you'll ever meet. Rainy days, fluffy socks, and good books are my jam.

I value the little moments between people. I've been photographing connections for the past 10 years around Metro Detroit, and I can't wait make some memories together that will literally last a lifetime.

downriver, michigan photographer

I have always been really interested in the connections people make in this life and that has led me to this magical little thing called photography.

I received my BA in Sociology, became a wife and a mother, and have been living life finding small joys in the day to day. Freezing moments in time for people I adore has become, not only my passion, but a small bit of an obsession.

Life can be really cool, and it's a very special thing to me to be able to document it. It's so very nice to meet you!