"Photography is by nature a documentary art."

- August Sander

My goal with every session is to allow people a fun, relaxed experience while capturing the essence of what makes your relationships so special. Every connection is unique and I want to document the ins and outs of yours with your loved ones. 

When you book a session with me, I want the nitty gritty, the real life, the pretty and the ugly. The more chaos the better! There is a lot of beauty to be found in the normal, every day. Tying your little one's shoe, your partner tucking your hair behind your ear, a playful boop on the nose. I want the gallery from our session to feel like a story, your story.

I never want parents to feel the need to threaten their children to get nice photos, however I'm not above a sweet treat or a trip to target as a bribe :) As a parent, I understand the deep desire to want everything to go perfect. As a human, I know that not all people love getting their photo taken and I will do my best to make it painless for them, too. If you think I haven't seen it all, I'm happy to inform you that you're wrong. I welcome every type of sassy attitude and I love a challenge! Your job is to be present and have fun with your people, mine is to get the good photographs. We will make a great team!

By clicking GALLERY below, you will find a couple examples of these stories in their entirety. While I could show you a couple photos from a handful of sessions as in typical portfolio fashion, I feel it would be an incomplete picture. I want to tell your story without using words.